Teachers Latin America

Teachers Latin America United States Placement Program

Imagine being able to take your education profession to the next level by teaching in the United States, earning a US teaching salary, working towards a US teaching certification, and being able to return to teach in an international or private school in your home country or pursuing an international teaching career after your time in the USA.
Teachers Latin America would like to be your personal placement partner assisting you in making this a reality. One of our areas of specialty is the placement of quality teachers and administrators in United States schools. Our objective is to effectively connect educators to schools and schools to educators.
To be able to work as an educator in the United States, there are costs to be borne by the candidate. These expenses are paid in US dollars. Teachers Latin American US Placement Program keeps costs to prospective educators low and defers its full registration fee until the candidate has been contracted to teach.

Candidate Educator Requirements

  • A minimum of at least 3 years of teaching or administrative experience
  • English fluency
  • Teaching certification/license from your home country
  • Equivalent of a United States Bachelor’s degree
  • Satisfactory background check
  • Appropriate visa

Services provided upon acceptance to the program

  • Evaluation by a credentialing expert of your college transcripts
  • Evaluation (and modification) if necessary of your CV
  • Skype interviews with Teachers Latin America and prospective schools
  • Assistance with the visa process

Program costs

  • The full cost of the program is $800 US Dollars
  • $400 US Dollars upon acceptance by Teachers Latin America; additional $400 US Dollars when contracted by a school in the United States. We are not able to guarantee a position, but if not hired in the year you register, you'll be retained in our system at no additional charge to you.

Teachers will not be accepted to the program if we do not feel confident that we can get you a position. You will not be asked to make payments before being accepted.

Costs Not Included in the Program

  • Airfare to the US plus and appropriate amount of US Dollars for relocation and living expenses
  • J-1 visa or other types of visas or fees. In order to secure a J-1 visa at the US Consulate or Embassy, the requisite fees must be paid by the candidate and each family member (if applicable). TLA employs a specialist who works with educators on the visa process. Usually, this process can be completed within two months’ time. The J-1 visa does not guarantee permanent residency in the United States. However, once employed other options are available regarding more permanent residency status.
  • Additional legal assistance, acquisition of required documents, translation and certification of required documents. We can assist with providing the information required for these services but the costs are borne by the candidate.